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Cryp Index Fund is a trusted partner to individuals, wealth managers, family offices, investment managers and institutions in navigating cryptocurrency. CIF develops funds, indexes, insight, and other services. The team behind CIF has backgrounds in technology, security, and finance. The firm’s origins are in technology and it prides itself in having a deep understanding of protocols, while seeking to build understanding and help the technical and non-technical alike participate.


Cryptocurrencies are new protocols that enable people to transfer value back and forth, publicly store information, and encode logic, all without requiring an intermediary. Various protocols are designed and used for things like payments, replacing gold as a store of value, allocating compute resources, allocating storage, allocating IOT permissions, incentivizing prediction markets, etc. At the start of 2017, all cryptocurrencies had a market capitalization of $17B, while at one point in 2017, reaching as high as $170B.