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Trusted Partner

Cryp Index Fund is a trusted partner to individuals, wealth managers, family offices, investment managers and institutions in navigating cryptocurrency. CIF develops funds, indexes, insight and other services.

24*7 Trading

CIF is an trading platform that promises to make huge profits.

Powered by Data Science.

Fund hyperparameters are carefully determined.

Track the Index

Index funds have consistently beaten actively managed funds over the years.

Why Choose Cryp Index Fund (CIF)

Impartial Strategy

Rather than attempting to pick winners, our objective is simply to track the market. We accomplish this by taking market cap-weighted positions in each asset we hold. This reduces volatility and increases the chances that our portfolio will capture any and all growth in the cryptocurrency sector.

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Diverse Holdings

Our current portfolio includes thirty of the most prominent digital currencies, representing over 90% of the overall cryptocurrency market capitalization. We monitor developments in the cryptocurrency space and add new currencies as they achieve significant traction in the market.

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Secure Storage

We store more than 95% of our assets off of cryptocurrency exchanges. Our custom offline storage system uses hardware designed and built specifically to hold cryptocurrency. Critical components are kept under armed guard in a climate-controlled underground storage facility.

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Four Simple Steps


Free Registration to open account,its sufficient to enter your name, email and phone.


Transfer of investment fund in our Cryp Index Fund as per packages.


Trading on top 30 Cryp Index Fund & daily accrual of interest.


Equal division of final profit between the company & Investors